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Vaud :
Cantonal Offices of Vehicles and Navigation - French
Geneva :
Swiss Confederation Site with boat driver’s license legislation
When you sign up for boat driver’s training or preparation for your license exam, we provide you with a full material as well as all exam questions in a booklet and CD disk in French, German and Italian.
This is where the theoretical part of the exam takes place. The list of questions is the same in both Cantons.
The boat driver’s exam is there to make sure that the driver knows how to safely conduct a boat and is familiar with the most important rules of the waterways. A cantonal inspector comes to oversee the practical part of the exam, and the theory part takes place at a computer in a cantonal office. This part is there to make sure that the boat driver masters the basics of safe navigation, act correctly in emergencies, know the most important legislation and be able to ‘read’ the weather which can change fast on the Swiss lakes. We give you specialist training not only for passing the exam, but particularly for safe boating both in Switzerland and abroad, and the license is internationally recognised. 
Boat driver’s exam and license