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In Switzerland, like in many other European countries, you need a license to drive a motorboat with a bigger engine. The size limit can be slightly different from one Canton or lake to another. In Lake Geneva - Lac Leman - this limit is 6 kW which corresponds to 8 horsepowers. To get a license you have to pass both a theory exam and a practical test that shows your ability to conduct a boat. Our Boat School helps you to prepare for passing both the theoretical and the practical parts of the exam, after which you are ready to navigate on the beautiful Lake Geneva. Your boat driver’s license is valid also on the other Swiss lakes as well as all over Europe. Mr Sam Zitouni who will be your coach is an officially authorized boat teacher. He has also completed the very demanding Swiss automobile driving teacher’s training and is thus exceptionally qualified to help develop the necessary skills and prepare for the exam. In addition to a modern high-powered outboard boat for the practical part of the training - a brand new Cap Camarat - we make available the official theory course and test questionnaires on a CD disk that can be used when preparing for the official examination test. Please contact us by phone 079 613 8696 or in person at our site at the Nyon waterfront to make the arrangements so that they best meet your particular needs ! Whether you are new to boating or just need a brush up and information about the cantonal requirements to get a boat driver’s license, we can surely assist you !
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